Samuel Terry Public School

Developing 21st Century Learners

Telephone02 4730 2888

About our school

Our school

At Samuel Terry we are committed to providing a challenging, relevant curriculum with participation opportunities for all students across all learning areas. We emphasise the development of values, understandings, skills and knowledge. Our safe, secure and caring environment contributes to the welfare of students. Within this culture the realisation of the individual's potential is our priority. Our supportive home school partnership leads to motivated students striving to achieve the high expectations and standards of this school community.

School song

At Samuel Terry Primary School we'll always try,

To follow every golden rule and grow with pride.

Our colours are red and white and blue,

We'll wear them proudly 'til we're through.

Honour will prevail at Samuel Terry school.


Our sportsmanship is keen and fair, in all we do,

respect and loyalty is there, to the school we're true.

We'll always do our very best,

When we put our knowledge to the test.

We'll grow with pride at Samuel Terry school.


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